getting ready to leave…

There’s been a lot of drama in my life in the past year, but now I’m pretty much just focussed on getting out of Denmark and starting over.  Thankfully, it’s only another 37 days.  I think I can make it.

In the meantime, if you’re in Denmark and need anything, I’m selling lamps, a tv, a vacuum cleaner, some furniture and a couple other items.

You can find my ad (in Danish) here:

Bioinformatics position @ University of Calgary

I’m going to hold off writing anything for a while, until I know what my immediate future holds for me, but I don’t mind sharing a bit of information:  There’s an open position for an assistant professor at the University of Calgary in Bioinformatics.

The posting was sent to me, and for a brief moment, I actually considered applying.  Then I remembered that my family isn’t really interested in living in Calgary, and that I probably wouldn’t be too happy as an academic.  eh, fleeting fantasy.

Anyhow, for anyone who is in the field, and who might be interested in applying, here’s the PDF:

A brief excerpt from the description:

The successful candidate will join a multidisciplinary and inter-Faculty team of bioinformaticians,geneticists and molecular biologists studying model organisms to human disease. The positionprovides 75% of time protected for research, and will include expectations to contribute to teaching and graduate student supervision. This is an excellent opportunity to develop a vigorous and independent externally-funded research program within a dynamic and collaborative environment. A competitive salary and an attractive start-up package are available. The candidate will be expected to apply for extramural support from national/provincial agencies to sustain their research program.