>With any big company, you’re likely to come across some incompetence. No large company can only hire the best and brightest – there just aren’t enough. That might explain some of the animosity seen, particularly from sites like I hate Rogers, but sometimes you discover that companies REALLY are money grubbing bastards.

Reasons why I hate Rogers Wireless, today:

1. Holidays aren’t weekends. Apparently, according to the woman I spoke to on the phone, this morning, if a holiday falls on a Monday or a Friday, it’s not considered to be part of the weekend. You must use Day/Night Minutes for this.

2. Overcharging. $0.35/minute for anything outside your regular time? WTF!!!!! Long distance is cheaper, people!

3. Weekend/Evening minutes: Starting at 10pm on weekdays. Great – I can make SO many calls past 10pm in the Pacific time zone… I could… um… call people in Japan? Fantastic!

Meh, that’s all I feel like writing for now.

Rogers, You Blow Chickens!

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