>Brazilian Melons

>I learned something interesting… actually, no, I didn’t learn anything new, but was surprised, so I thought I’d share it. However, the story starts with two bits of background information: I always turn “search safe” off in Google images, and I bought a neat looking melon at Costco yesterday. (Yes, that combination will probably have you cringing already…)

Anyhow, I wanted to know what the hell this melon was. It’s three-tone-green with yellow stripes, and is shaped like a rugby ball, with the only sticker on it that makes any sense telling me the fruit comes from Brazil. I did what anyone else would do: I googled “Brazil melon”. Most of the hits I got didn’t seem right, so I clicked on “images”.

Let me tell you, without search safe on, that isn’t work safe. While I didn’t find anything that looked like the fruit I’ve got here, I did get a lot of brazilian shemale melons…

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