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Just in case there’s anyone who reads my blog who’s been on a transatlantic flight, or trapped in a mine.. or by some other excuse hasn’t seen twitter or the net all day, I wanted to bring a new Blog Consortia to your attention.

Naturally, all new blog groups have to come up with ever-increasingly cooler names. This one is no exception: Occams’ typewriter is clearly the best name I’ve heard yet. (Indeed, I’m jealous that I haven’t figured out how to get Occam’s name into my own blog title yet.)

Furthermore, several of my favorite bloggers are now there: Richard Grant (aka “Confessions of a (former) Lab Rat”), Cath Ennis (is it Ok to use your last name here?) (aka “VWXYNot?” and Erika Cule of “Blogging the PhD”. In fact, I highly suggest checking out the other bloggers as well.

Unfortunately for the typewriter crew, I think that the move to their new home was a bit premature, and likely caused by yet another Nature Blogs bug – while I can still get over to my blog over there, it seems many others were accidentally locked out. Despite the premature move, I think they’re off to a great start. I’m looking forward to many excellent posts and discussions.

Good luck guys, be careful wielding your razors, typewriters and other implements of destruction.

4 thoughts on “Occam’s Typewriter…

  1. Thanks for the shout-out!

    It wasn’t actually a bug—we were locked out by Lou Woodley before we had a chance to make our farewells. Apparently this is new policy. First we heard of it was the day before the new blog network was supposed to go live, we were kicked off.

    So I can’t leave a farewell blog and interact with commenters… very badly managed. So I wondered if you could still blog there—because if you can’t it means we’ve been singled out for special (bad) treatment. And if you could blog there, it would be nice if you could say what’s happened. And take a screenshot.

    • Wow, this saga just never ends. If you don’t mind, I think I’ll hold off on posting things over on NN for a while – I’ve seen a bunch of departure posts go up today, so maybe things will be straightened out. If yours hasn’t gone up by the end of the day, I’d be happy to post an entry there to let everyone know.

      It sounds like this is an incredibly frustrating process. Best of luck!

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