>MS word formatted resumes?

>I just took a look at Bioinformatics Solutions Inc’s web page. They’re the makers of the upcoming ZOOM (Zillions of Oligos Mapped) aligner software. Rumour says it’s supposed to perform well. If I understood correctly, they’re applying some neat pattern matching algorithms from their Pattern Hunter software to do ultra-fast short read gapped alignments.

Anyhow, I saw their careers page, (No, I’m not currently looking for a job) and thought that was a great example of mis-purposed document formats. Somehow, I’d expect a bioinformatics company to be a bit more tuned into things like that. I also came to the realization that any software company that wants MS format docs instead of PDFs can’t be a great place for a Linux tool-chain-based coder. (MS documents seem so 1990’s… what does Google ask for?)

Considering I haven’t even done my comprehensive exam yet, I guess I won’t have to worry about that for a while.

And now, back to work.

[Update: Google is much more clued in: “PDF, HTML, or Microsoft Word documents or text formats are acceptable or you can submit using plain text format”]

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