>Studying for my comprehensive exam is moving along slowly, rather disrupted by the poster I’m creating for the annual Cancer Conference taking place this week. I’m a little behind, but I’m getting there. Anyhow, I thought I’d take a minute to mention something that’s come up several times in conversation this week: Synergy.

This is one of those applications that is an absolute must for bioinformatics students and researchers, or anyone who uses more than one computer. (Don’t we all, these days?) I’ve been using it, myself, for about a year now, and it’s one of the most useful applications on my computers.

Synergy is an open source software implementation of a KVM switch. Like a KVM switch, it can be used across operating systems – anything from win95 to XP to OSX to Linux/*nix. It’s not even hard to install. The beauty of it is really in its simplicity. Not only can your mouse and keyboard move across your computers, but it also carries a clipboard with it. Cutting and pasting between computers, on its own, is worth it’s weight in gold. (though, that probably depends on how much you have on your clipboard…)

Anyhow, just because not everyone is aware of this nifty little tool, I figured I’d mention it. Hopefully it’s useful to a few people out there!

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