>We’re probably a lot further from personalized medicine than we think…

>I keep writing posts about how I think we’re closer to personalized medicine than we realize, but I think I might have to change my tune… just by a little bit. This article (Why Doctors Hate Science – Sharon Begley/Newsweek) was linked to from Slashdot today, and caught my eye.

I highly suggest giving the article a quick read, but if you don’t, the general summary is that many doctors aren’t able to embrace science to find the correct/best diagnosis and treatment option, let alone necessarily provide appropriate care at some level. On the surface, it’s a scathing taunt at doctors, although really, I think there are “professionals” in all fields that just don’t apply logic. To quote my girlfriend “I hate stupid people.” Well, apparently they exist everywhere, even in the medical profession.

Still after reading the article, I have to say that change is coming, and it’s going to come quickly. Those doctors who can’t cope with it are going to be blown away by the younger ones who are able to deal with it – and who will be able to get the diagnosis right the first time, as well as the treatment. (As personal medicine begins to LOWER the number of errors doctors make in treatment, insurance companies will have to start lowering their premiums compared to the “old school” doctors – or raise the premiums on the ones not using genetic information – and we can all see where that will take the medical profession in the U.S.) In Canada, I guess the federal government will just mandate that the correct tests must be done before doctors are paid for a treatment. Voila.

Anyhow, with doctors actively resisting the application of logic and science to their treatment regiments, I have to wonder how long they’ll effectively be able to keep personalized medicine at bay.

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