>Article Roundup – November 9-11, 2009

>I’ve decided to start a new resource for myself, and for anyone who might find this useful. Each week, an incredible number of neat articles and posts do the rounds on twitter – but I often find myself skimming them and then forgetting where I saw it. Going back through twitter feeds is such a hassle that I figured I should start collecting them into a single resource.

I’m not quite sure what the right format it, but I’m sure it’ll fall into place quickly. The only criteria I have for this list is that it must be 1. insightful, 2. science related, preferable genomics or genetics related and 3. well written. I’ll probably end up settling for any two of the above, but hey, for the first post, I’ll try to keep my standards high.

Originally, when I started this, I had assumed I could do this one week at a time, although it’s rapidly becoming difficult to process the significant number of links. Instead, I’ll start off with 2-3 days, which should make it manageable. Additionally, having looked at this over the past couple days, I can see that some serious categorization will be necessary in the future. So, for a first try, here are the links I’ve collected since Monday.

Articles & Blogs

  • Commentary on Next Gen technology and the gap to sequence analysis – Link
  • On why breakthroughs really aren’t… (the curse of multiple testing and statistics) – Link
  • Differences between DTC genotyping – Link
  • Commentary on differences between DTC genotyping risks – Link
  • The difference between Genetic and Genealogical family trees – Link
  • Helicos no longer selling itself – Link
  • ResearchMatch: an NIH resource to link volunteers with studies – Link
  • Update on Bilski (Patent-ability of non-machine inventions) and biotech – Link
  • Why sequencing non-Homo sapiens genomes is important (Horse genome) – Link
  • How related are you to your relations? – Link
  • Career Development for Life Scientists: An Ongoing and Disturbing Trend – Link

Off Topic posts:

  • DRM and Apple – a business model – Link

Unusual Tweets:

  • “RT @lindaavey : Looks like my husband’s 4th cousin is my dad’s 10th cousin (my 11th cousin?).” – From dgmacarthur, Nov 11th, 2009

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