And the clueless award goes to… the pope!

Alright, so the media often get things wrong, but I’d like to share this article where the pope claims secularism as a threat to humanity as great as fanatical religions – which is about as stupid as you can get. It’s possible that the pope has been misquoted, but in light of his other hate filled speeches, which have blamed the worlds ills on secularists, I somehow doubt it.

Unlike what the pope would have you think, I don’t see secular proponents bombing airplanes, trying to pass laws to discriminate against religions or spread disease… although the pope seems to think it’s happening.

I really don’t get his point. Where are the oppressed Christians, struggling with oppressors who are trying to marginalize them? All I see is the secularists trying to tell the Christians to stop beating on the jews, homosexuals, poor and needy – and somehow that’s a bad thing?

I’m sorry, Mr. Pope, but I’m not really interested in returning to the dark ages where inquisitions were allowed. However, I suppose I should be happy that you’ve finally noticed that the western world has left you behind. The bright and shiny bonus, however, should be that it seems Europe is doing well to discover that the church doesn’t have the answers it pretends to.

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  1. I take your point, religious extremists of all flavours have perpetrated all sorts of injustices throughout history. In relation to where christians are persecuted, I’d encourage you to read into the circumstances of christians in North Korea, Iraq, parts of Russia, Sudan, and a number of other places around the world. There are christians suffering horrendous persecution from people with other worldviews, both religious and secular.

    Not saying that I agree with the pope, just saying that based on your post I suspect you’d be surprised at what christians cop in certain places even today.

    • Interesting reply. I am aware that there are certain places where Christians get the short end of the stick, but inevitably those are the same places where skeptics and rational thinkers ALSO get the short end of the stick.

      Contrary to what you’re suggesting, I think that the pope’s intention was to make it sound like secularists are the ones doing the persecution – and that’s far from true in any of the places you’ve listed. (Some people may suggest North Korea is secular, although upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that they have a system where their “beloved leader” is actually elevated to godhood.) As for parts of Russia, I’m not sure what part you’re suggesting. Perhaps you can give an example or point me to some information about this. Is this just some form of Orthodox Christian oppressing Catholics? (Again, not secularists doing the oppressing.)

      Had the pope singled out North Korea or Muslims as doing the oppressing, I might have even agreed with him. However, very little of what I’ve seen of religious persecution is actually taking place in the western world, where the pope seems to think there’s some sort of anti-Christian conspiracy, and that’s the part that I find truly offensive.

      • Again, I take your point and fair call, rational thinkers cop a raw deal in many circumstances as well. One need look no further than the Khmer Rouge to see an example of this.

        I had thought that it was secularists involved in Russia in time gone by, but upon further investigation it appears that the more recent violence has been in the Muslim-majority Caucasus.

        Should “religious persecution” be considered only to be when life is threatened, I thoroughly agree with your assessment that the majority of persecution is taking place outside of the western world. If persecution is considered more broadly to be harmful actions being directed towards an individual or group on the basis of worldview or ideology then I would suggest that this is possibly happening on a more subtle level in sophisticated western society. There was an interesting case of this just last week.

        It appears to me that people don’t do very nice things to other people, and that this is particularly the case when worldviews collide.

        • Hi pj_oz,

          Thanks for replying to my comment. Essentially, I tend to agree with much of what you’ve said. When world views collide, people can do all sorts of irrational and insane things in defence of what they believe is true.

          Of course, my assertion is simply that one should not accept a world view on faith, but ground it in the real world – based on real evidence.

          However, I still find the pope’s comments to be utterly nonsensical. I fail to see any religious persecution in the western world – even outside of where lives are threatened, unless you mean one sect of a religion trying to dominate another. Even in that case, secularists still deserve no blame. Thus, can you give me an example of secularists oppressing the religious? I’d ask the pope, but I don’t think he’d reply to my emails. (-:


        • Sorry, I should have also replied to the part of your post containing the article describing the man who failed to secure a job because of his faith. Actually, this is a case before the courts, and much of what is in the press is still hearsay. I’ll have to wait till the details come out during the court case. At any rate, I find the plaintiff’s position rather… weak.

          Frankly, I find the man’s willingness to publish papers on subjects in which he has never done research to be somewhat of a dark mark against him as a professional scientist, vastly overwhelming any issues I might have with his faith. As an astronomer, I’m not sure why he believes himself competent to publish on biology, although again, I will have to read his paper before making any hasty judgements.

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