Chinese military shovel….

I came across the video for the “Chinese military shovel” today, billed as the swiss army knife of shovels. Frankly, it’s worth watching the video just for the music that makes me feel like I’m watching “The Magnificent Seven” for the whole 8 and a half minutes.

The one thing that worries me, however, is that it does have a sharp side – sharp enough to be used as an axe and to julienne potatoes during the demo! Shortly thereafter, they show someone using it as a wire twister, gripping that side to spin the shovel… and THEN using it to paddle an inflatable dinghy! These Chinese soldiers don’t seem to recognize that sharp objects and inflatable ones don’t really mix. eep!

Despite the fact that I already have access to three shovels (one for snow, one for digging soil, and one for moving gravel), I never expected that I’d want a shovel as badly as I want one of these!

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