Canadians debating the World Series

My wife and I are both Canadian and baseball to us is about the same as mayan handball is to the rest of the world – a complete non-issue. So this morning, when my wife announced that the Cardinals had won the World Series, we had an interesting conversation:

Me: “Cardinals… that’s St. Louis isn’t it?

Her: “I don’t know.  The TV said Texas and St. Louis yesterday.”

Me: “So it is St. Louis, then.”

Her: “How do you know?”

Me: “The other team had ‘Texas’ written on their shirts.”

Her: “Oh, then I guess St. Louis won!”

And now we know – St. Louis won the world series.

4 thoughts on “Canadians debating the World Series

  1. Heh – I was in a bar on Friday night that was playing the game on all its TVs. When the game ended, approximately three people (all at one table) cheered; the rest of us turned around to see what was happening, went “oh. Baseball”, and immediately resumed our conversations.

    • hahah… typical non-American response to baseball. Probably analogous to how people in the southern hemisphere feel about hockey…..

      ahem.. go Canucks!

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