Ode to Expedited Delay

28 hours after my new laptop was supposed to have left china, it turns out it’s still there – and has left again! I’m not sure how many times it has to leave, but it certainly was unexpected to me to see it sit in china that long after UPS claimed it had left.

In any case, to tide you over till I have something else to write (and to keep myself from hitting refresh on the UPS screen another 1000 times) I thought I’d provide a fantastic “video” of Beethoven’s 9th symphony, 2nd movement. I often listen to classical music while working, but this visualisation is so compelling, I’ve been unable to drag myself away from it. It’s very different than most other pieces I’ve seen visualised in this manner, which is just another way that you can see Beethoven’s genius in action. If you’d like to see other videos, the same user has a whole bunch of them posted – and apparently sells them as videos for $1 each.

Actually, it’s given me a few genome visualisation ideas as well – but I’ll talk more about that soon. I need to finish the revisions for my paper first. Then I’ll talk about what I worked on over the holidays, which might be a good starting point for some future work. whee!

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