Back on track, and off track…

Things are now back on track – or completely off track, depending on which part of my life you’re asking about.  On the good side, the move is now all set, and I can stop freaking out about it.

Moving to a new country is kind of like driving full speed towards a ridge.  You have no idea what’s on the other side, and blindly have to hope that it’s just a smooth curve over the top – and not an enormous cliff.   Now that I have a moving company arranged, at least I doesn’t look like a clif – maybe just a hell of a ramp.  CLC has been tremendously supportive – and I owe a big thanks to a few people (who I will not name, as I haven’t asked their permission to single them out) for being incredibly supportive. And thanks to all those CLCers who have left comments on my blog!  They have definitely helped remind me that there are great people waiting on the other side of the hump.

In contrast, my thesis moves by fits and starts.  It’s been distributed to all of my committee members, but one of them may not be able to even glance at it till sometime in the new year.  That’s a terribly discouraging sign as it will likely just push the defense date off even further – I’m starting to understand why some people just never finish their PhD.  [Insert scream of utter frustration here.]

Anyhow, with all that in place (or not in place, as the case may be), I’m spending a lot of time wrapping up simple chores and errands and trying to pack up the house.  No promises about getting any serious blogging done in the next two weeks – particularly not science blog posts.  On the other hand, I may have some pictures, once we head off on this adventure.  My good camera will be shipped out, but the trusty P&S will probably accompany us on the way.

The countdown begins!

4 thoughts on “Back on track, and off track…

    • Thanks Davide!

      I’d posted it about 2 weeks ago, if memory serves me right, but the final details just fell into place a couple days ago. I couldn’t be happier about it!

      Now, I just have to put everything into boxes…. (-:

  1. If one of you committee members say he/she won’t have time to ope the book until the new year then remove that person from the committee. It’s a very bad attitude to have from the beginning, basically saying “I don’t really care about this, but I’ll do it at some point because I have to”.

    Fire him/her and get a new member!

    • You’re absolutely right – I forgot to update this post. After running around screaming for a while (figuratively), it turns out that they will be able to find the time to move forward with the thesis. I’m not sure if there was a miscommunication in the first place or if raising a bit of a racket was what boosted the priority of the schedule …. or maybe both. Either way, it seems things are back on track.

      I believe my university suggests a 6 weeks maximum for a committee member to turn around a thesis – so the original deadline I was given was pushing it pretty hard.

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