Danish residence… pay up.

I just received the strangest email ever.  I’m not sure if the Danish government is trying to scam me, or if this is a weird joke, or if they really think I should pay up….

Dear Mr. Fejes,

We have recently received the decision on your residence permit appliaction. Since you did not originally apply trough [sic] us, we are required to charge a fee of $33cdn to deliver this decision to you.

Please let us know if you wish us to deliver this decision in this case. If so, you can pay the fee via a certified cheque or a money order made out to the Royal Danish Embassy. As soon as we receive the payment, we will contact you again with the results.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,


PHONE: +1 ### ### #### EXT. ###


I am so confused – and really, I wonder why the heck they think this is a good idea.

Denmark, you’re not exactly making this process look good.  I thought you were going to be so much better than Nigeria.

Edit:  Solved this one pretty quickly.  The application was submitted in Denmark, so the Danish Embassy in Canada wants me to pay them to find out the result. Or I can just talk to people in Denmark and skip paying the Embassy in Canada.(See How do you Receive the Ruling.) Of all the ridiculous money grubbing schemes, this one is pretty petty.

2 thoughts on “Danish residence… pay up.

  1. Hi Anthony

    Sorry for all the trouble you’re going through. Just wanted you to know that we do look forward to welcoming you to Denmark in general and to the CLC bio headquarters in particular.

    Cheers –
    Mikkel (future colleague, developer)

    • Hi Mikkel,

      Thanks for the encouraging words – I’m also looking looking forward to getting over there! Everyone at CLC has been incredibly helpful and supportive. I’m sure these are all just the normal headaches that you get when moving overseas. (=

      Only one more day till we’re packed up, and 3 more till we fly out! See you soon!


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