Moving pets to Denmark.

Apparently, just when you think everything is done, it isn’t.  Moving a pet (cat/dog/ferret) to Denmark is a complicated process and there are hidden gems that no one will warn you about.

Fortunately, our contact in Denmark had the genius idea of sending our “completed” pet forms to the Danish vets that control immigration of animals at the airport we’ll be flying to in order to ensure that everything was filled out correctly:  It wasn’t.

The vet missed one field on one form – which will require another trip back to the vets to have it filled out, and then we discovered that gettting a vet to fill in the form is in itself insufficient!  The form says that you need an official endorsement only if your vet isn’t certified, but doesn’t specify how or by what they should have a certification.  Odds are, your vet isn’t sufficient.

Anyhow, If you’re leaving Canada with a pet, you need to find this page (Canadian Food Inspection Agency – Export Pet Dogs Cats and Ferrets to the European Union – Non-Commercial Movements to Member States (other than Finland, Republic of Ireland, Malta, Sweden and the United Kingdom)).  Once you find it, you’ll probably miss the tiny little link at the bottom that says:

Once all the above steps have been successfully completed, contact your local CFIA Office to obtain an official endorsement by an official veterinarian (competent authority – CFIA veterinarian).

The fee for endorsement is $20.”

Obtaining the endorsement doesn’t seem too hard – but I had to call up the office and make an appointment.  Fortunately, they can squeeze me in next week, so all will be good.

The office, by the way, appears to be at the Vancouver Airport, just steps away from a sky train station.

Now, I just have to hope we don’t find any more bumps like this!

2 thoughts on “Moving pets to Denmark.

  1. For moving to Austria I did all the paperwork and then when we arrived at the airport, nobody looked at our pets or are papers!

    • Awesome to hear that it wasn’t just us with the pets and paperwork. I’m sure if I’d have brought a herd of pigs, the papers would have been inspected in great detail. (-:

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