Stuff is here!

I’m taking a ten minute break to take our laundry out to the clothes dryers, as we don’t have one in our house.  My parents are visiting tomorrow, and we’ve shuffled beds around, now that ours is here. (European and North American bed sheets are not interchangeable. FYI)

Anyhow, the delivery was quick, and our stuff seems to have arrived unbroken, although the packing seems pretty haphazard.  I don’t understand why.some things were packed together, but that’s now a 2 month old mystery.

The other surprise is.some of the things that did get packed – clearly things we forgot to recycle before leaving.  A plastic yogurt jar lid, a stack of aluminum pie tin I used for BBQing.  Fascinating artifacts from our live in Vancouver.

Anyhow, with the weather being so cold, the sun has at least come our, making Denmark quite pretty…  Not a bad day all in all – and its only noon!


7 thoughts on “Stuff is here!

  1. I remember as a kid during one of our household moves overhearing my father, as he was unpacking, disgustedly exclaim “They even pack a trash can full of trash!”

    I do not know if you did your own packing or let a company do it however from my working as a temporary helper for a moving company I know that it both very satisfying to see *everything* in a room packed away in tidy boxes and that as a minimum wage serf you don’t question the motives of the owners — you just pack everything.

    • Hi Rick,

      I think your father hit the nail on the head. We really did try hard to have the house in perfectly packable condition, but a whole household is pretty tough to put in order. Although, the most surprising thing for me is what I now think we shouldn’t have bothered bringing that seemed entirely necessary two months ago. Strange how your perspective changes after a move.

      Either way, your father must have had a fantastic time dealing with the trash can full of trash! Yes, we also had someone else pack for us – apparently you can’t get any insurance if you do your own packing… and the peons made some VERY interesting decisions when combining and merging boxes.

      What we also discovered (post my blog post) was that the movers did some repacking after our stuff left our house, and those were the most surprising parts. Our shovel was bubble wrapped, and we found bubble wrapped furniture tossed into boxes. Even a $2 step stool was well wrapped in heavy duty bubble wrap.

      Oh the entertainment!

  2. It’s been a while but I just came across your blog again! Congrats on the big move and the baby on the way. Your posts remind me of when we moved back to Canada and all the red tape Iain had to jump through to get things done. Good luck in Denmark, it sounds exciting (and a tad bit stressful ;))!

    • Thanks Sarah! It has been stressful, but I’m really hoping that it’ll all be a bit easier now that we have our stuff with us. Living in an empty house is stressful at the best of times! Anyhow, lots of changes in the works for us.

      How are things with you? It’s been ages since I saw you last.

      • Things are good! We moved to Canmore a year and a half ago, rescued a german shepard puppy in September and got married in October so life has been busy to say the least!

        I was trying to remember when we went for sushi but i couldn’t….must have been 2 or 3 years ago?

  3. Not sure if you still check this blog but I wonder if you have any information about shipping a household of stuff from Canada to Denmark – cost, timing, recommended company?

    Sorry you stint in Denmark didn’t work out but chalk it up to live experience…never a waste.

    • Hi Pomtango,

      Sure – I can give you lots of information on that sort of stuff. Send me an email with the questions you have, and I’ll be happy to answer them.


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