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Story time.

My wife and I are moving closer to the city centre next week, and thus have been uprooting ourselves again.  All in all, I think it’ll be a huge improvement on our standard of living.  We’re just not happy where we are, and the house we’re in is just too big for us and it just doesn’t work for us at all.  In fact, to illustrate this point, after we vacate this house, a family of six (yes, six!) will be moving in to displace the two of us and our two pets…

In any case, as we get ready for another move, we’ve been packing the house up – putting everything back into boxes.  For the most part, it hasn’t been too bad living out of a suitcase again, but we’ve packed a few things that we’ve needed to drag out again, which means hunting through the stacks of boxes that have piled up in one of the unused rooms.  However, not all of our hunts have been successful.

One of the things that has gone missing was a set of papers that every pregnant woman in Denmark has – a “journey journal” (vandrejournal) – that tracks the development of the fetus across the term of the pregnancy.  You bring these two sheets of paper with you to every doctor and midwife appointment so that they can record all of the information in one place.  Of course, it’s the patients responsibility to hold on to these sheets of paper and ensure that they’re present at each appointment.

Normally, misplacing the sheets for a few days wouldn’t be a problem, but we had a midwife appointment this week, meaning that we’ve had to spend several days diving into each and every packed box to find the missing papers.  Showing up to the midwife’s without the papers would be a big no-no, like showing up to the dentist without brushing your teeth for a few days.

Alas, the papers never did show up, leaving us to walk sheepishly into the midwife’s office, offering up excuses that we were moving and just couldn’t find them.  Expecting a mild chastising at the least, we were utterly surprised with the result:

“It’s not a problem – we’ve installed an electronic journal system this week.  You will not need the journal anymore!”

Bullet dodged!  Apparently the whole thing is now online and when we do find the blue sheets, they’ll have a quick trip to the nearest shredder – Score one point for Danish Efficiency!


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