Visiting the Dentist

I’ve finally found something that Danes do vastly better than Canadians: dentistry.  We went to have our teeth cleaned and a routine checkup at the dentist today and, despite fearing the worst, were entirely surprised by the whole deal.  The checkup was faster, the cleaning was less painful, and the Dentist was quite friendly.  (Actually, I really like our Canadian Dentist too, but that’s beside the point.)  Surprisingly, the checkup here was cheaper than we would have paid in Canada. (Although in Canada, dentistry is usually covered by an extended insurance plan and so the net result would be that it’s almost free…. but I’m talking about the total cost of the visit.)

At any rate, an experience that I completely expected to be a disaster turned out for the better – which is pretty awesome.  I could use a few more experiences like that!


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