One of those little things you take for granted in Canada: You can use ATMs to do most of your banking.  Apparently, in Denmark (at least, at my bank), ATMs are for withdrawals only.  I had to go into the bank and tell them that I couldn’t figure out how to do a deposit.  The response:

“No, of course not.  You can’t do deposits on an ATM.  It is a something we are working on and should have in place soon!”

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve had to go up to the counter to put money into my account.  In fact, the last time was when I was around 10 years old, after the bank had written several letters to me telling me to stop putting coins into the ATM. (Oh, the things we do as children.)

Visiting the bank, yesterday, I felt just like I had just come back from collecting money from the people on my paper route – minus the fact I didn’t have to tell them how many coins were in the envelope.

3 thoughts on “Deposits

    • Well, yes… I do nearly all of my banking online, and whatever I can’t do there, I expect the ATM to handle, unless it’s something out of the ordinary. I guess Danes just don’t do deposits on a regular basis.

  1. Its because everything is so expensive. Their pockets may be full when they leave for the bank to deposit. However, after paying the bus fair, a drink and some food on the way, there is nothing left to deposit when they get there. So thats why you cant deposit in the ATM’s (thats my theory:))

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