Bioinformatics Post-doc position in Hawaii

A friend of mine asked me to distribute this.  It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything bioinformatics related, but if you’re looking for a bioinformatics post doc position in a beautiful location, this one sounds pretty good.  Yes, I used my danish keyboard to obfuscate the email address… shouldn’t be too hard to figure out, for those who aspire to be post docs. (-;


Garmire Group (starting 09/01/2012 or later)

University of Hawaii Cancer Research Center

Job description: Located on the beautiful sea shore of Honolulu, Hawaii, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the University of Hawaii Cancer Center (UHCC) is one of only 66 research organizations in the country designated by the National Cancer Institute. Its mission is to focus on key cancers that impact the multi-ethic population of Hawaii, as well as worldwide. Home to some of the nation’s leading cancer experts, UHCC is ambitiously recruiting more new talents to work collaboratively towards international excellence: developing new strategies for discovery, driving findings into clinical practice and delivering the optimal outcome when a patient is faced with the prospect of treatment and recovery.

Projects available in the bioinformatics/genomics group, include but are not limited to (1) Integrative analysis with next-generation sequence etc. to decipher the regulatory role of microRNAs genome-wide. (2) microRNA biomarker discovery in various cancers using next-generation sequence data, microarray data, and survival data etc. (3) GWAS study of DNA methylation given different nutritional statuses. (4) Characterization and comparative genomics of long-intergenic non-coding RNAs with next-generation sequencing data etc. (5) developing sensitive structural variation detection algorithm(s) in targeted deep sequencing technology applied to cancer samples.


  • PhD degree in bioinformatics, bioengineering, biostatistics, (bio)physics, electrical engineering, or computer science.
  • Strong independent research capabilities with high profile, first-author publications
  • Experience with high-throughput data processing using next generation sequencing, microarray etc.
  • Proficient with Linux/Unix environment
  • Advanced experience in two or more programming languages: perl, R, matlab, C, C++, Java
  • Familiar with machine learning and data mining methods
  • Experience with collaborations with experimental biologists
  • Experience with high-performance computing is a plus

Salaries are competitive depending on qualification and experience. If interested, please send your CV and contact information of three references to lgarmire åt gmail døt com

4 thoughts on “Bioinformatics Post-doc position in Hawaii

  1. Yes, I saw that posting on seqanswers and had a brief fantasy about moving there. But that was quickly dashed to a lack of that pesky sheepskin++ (i.e, a PhD). Way back when I was going through college CS majors mostly just ended with education with a BS. Some not even then — think Steve Jobs and Bill Gates who never got their degrees (granted they are giants while I am but a lowly worker bee) — but the attitude back then was “degree, ha!” Sigh. If I could only go back to my younger self and tell him to go for the doctorate then I could properly fantasize about living on the big island. Of course my younger self probably would have ignored my older self — I was always hard-headed. :-(

  2. Rick, you should still consider applying. There are very few people in the world that meet all the criteria that job description lists! ie. a group leader with a phd, good 1st author pubs, collaborations, who is also a sysadmin, HPC specialist, computer scientist, software engineer, biological analysis skills, and groks Unix. Sure, some of those are coupled, but still, it’s a big ask – and they probably pay coconuts.

  3. The job sounds promising and who can say no to Hawaii. I am about to complete my PhD in Computer Science and my research area is Bioinformatics and Data Mining. I am applying for this job. Thanks !

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