New Years Resolutions

I’d started writing this back in December, when new years resolutions were still reasonably in fashion.  At this point, I may as well just post it, and then do my best to hold myself accountable… welcome to February.

Fresh off of the worst year of my life, 2013 is starting to look like it might be shaping up in a good way.  From 2012, however, I’ve taken my lumps, so to speak, and wanted to convert that to lessons upon which I should work for next year.  Here goes:

  1. Every minute with my daughter is precious – keep it as a top priority. 
  2. It’s ok to get angry, and I will do it when it’s appropriate.  I can think of several examples of situations in which highly offensive things were said to me in Denmark and my reaction was to brush it off and keep a good face.  In hindsight, I think that just let people think they could walk over me, and I’m not willing to let that happen again.
  3. Let no detail go unplanned.   It may be obvious, but when someone says “don’t worry, we’ll figure it out later” they probably mean “you’ll pay for it later.”   Or, at the very least, they’ll try to make you pay for it later…
  4. Stop, think and then act.  Rarely do you need to act instantly, and knowing when you need to is an art, but most of the time you can pause to think things through before lurching into action.
  5. Learn more about the people around me.  After a year in Denmark, between the language barrier and tightly closed social networks, I’ve realized that my conversation skills have suffered greatly and that needs to be fixed.  It isn’t rude to pry gently into people’s lives.
  6. Be more welcoming of people new to the country. Clearly obvious.  I don’t want to do to others what the Danes to do visitors to their country.
  7. Work Harder.  Clearly this is just a throwaway, but I have goals that I want to achieve (academic and personal), and I want to hit them all.
  8. Do more exercise. I’m going to get back in to fencing and all the other stuff I couldn’t afford while in Denmark.  One should never neglect their health. (Yes, I did some running in Denmark, but only in the last few months before we left)

See, nothing outrageous or otherwise.  Just a few personal goals for the year.  How many will I keep, though, is a different story.

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