Is Encode bunk?

Ok, I’m sick, so this is a very short post.  I just stumbled onto this article in the guardian.  Not being a Brit, I have no idea if it’s even a remotely reputable journal, or why this piece is so sensationalist.  So… scientists see evidence and are working to understand whether much of the genome serves a purpose and they disagree on the interpretation.  Neither side has conclusive evidence, but the Encode project certainly has evidence that makes it’s claims seem valid.

In contrast, a bunch of biologists seem to have jumped on it and insist that most of the DNA in the human genome is still “junk” and does nothing.

While I don’t support the side that seems to be calling “BS” on the Encode project, the character of the article seems unnecessarily vitriolic.  Does the UK have republicans?

Edit: Finally feeling well enough to get back on my computer and look for the source of this argument: Here.  And after reading a few pages…Wow! I can’t believe that was published as is.  The abstract alone sounds like someone got up on the wrong side of the bed, and then ate nettles for breakfast.

2 thoughts on “Is Encode bunk?

  1. The Guardian is a well-regarded broadsheet publication. It doesn’t actually publish on Sundays, I believe this was a piece in the sister paper The Observer.

    Irrelevant to the debate (it seems the shots are being fired by biologists not journalists) the Guardian and Observer are considered to be left-leaning papers – aligned with Democrat not Republican ideals (Republicans in the UK would read the Telegraph as a broadsheet and the Daily Mail as a gossip rag).

    • Sorry for the slow reply, and thanks for clearing up some of my misconceptions. I’m really not used to hearing scientific arguments discussed in newspapers, let alone with this tone.

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