Illumina 450k methylation array re-annotation

The Kobor lab, where I’m currently working, does a lot of epigenetics and have been working with the Illumina 450K Human methylation array.  In some ways, it’s a stepping stone towards a next-gen platform, and in other ways, it’s still a perfectly valid platform all on it’s own.  I’m not really an array person (yet?), but I can see the advantages when it comes to bisulfite sequencing – mapping with bisulfite treated DNA is a bit of a dark art. (I know it can be done, but it’s not ideal.)

Anyhow,  they’ve undertaken an interesting project, with a few collaborators,  to re-annotate the 450k methylation array, identifying probes that are give erroneous results due to the presence of snps or cross hybridization.  They show it in action with a couple of data sets as well, so it’s not just a theory paper.  Anyhow, it’s a quick, but interesting must-read for those interested in using the 450k human methylation array.

You can find it at

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