2-year computational biology position open in Grenoble, France

A quick announcement for a position available in France, with an outstanding researcher. (I’ve personally had the opportunity to work with François, and he is also a great guy, so this would be a pretty rocking position…)

A 2-year position in Computational Biology is available immediately in François PARCY group in Grenoble (France). The project aims at deciphering the rules governing transcriptional regulation in plants. We take flower development as a model system to study the interplay between transcription factors (TFs), genomic DNA features (accessibility, chromatin marks, methylation), and gene expression. We use genome-wide data (ChIP-Seq, expression data (RNA-Seq or microarray), DNAse-seq, plant genomes) to better understand the binding of TFs to the DNA and its impact on gene regulation. The applicant will be in charge of developing new methods and models to analyze the large-scale in-house and public data available and will interact with experimentalists to ground the model to biology. The ideal candidate will have already shown success in developing new tools/software analyzing large-scale (e.g. NGS) biological data.
We prefer applicant at the post-doctoral level but candidates with a master will also be considered. Grenoble is a great place for Science and also outdoors activities!
If you’re interested, please contact Francois PARCY (francois.parcy \at\ cea.fr).

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