A few open bioinformatics positions.

Occasionally, I get emailed information about open positions at bioinformatics companies, so I thought I’d pass along a couple today.

First and foremost, if anyone is interested, the company I’m looking forward to starting with next week is hiring, so I’ll pass along that link:  http://www.omicia.com/jobs/ There are software engineer, bioinformatics and data scientist positions available, so I suggest checking them out.

Second, for those who are a little further in their career, I understand that Caprion is looking for a director of bioinformatics as well as a biostatistician (http://www.caprion.com/en/caprion/career.php).  It’s a little far outside my field, given that it’s mostly proteomics work, but I’ve heard good things about Caprion, and they’re in Montreal, which is a pretty awesome place with excellent poutine.  (I’ve only spent two days there, so yes, the poutine does stand out, along with the excellent smoked meat sandwiches and a very crowded hostel… maybe it’s best if you don’t ask my advice on Montreal.)

Otherwise, I’ve also been passed a description from what appears to be a startup company looking for an “important position” with the following description:

Experience in genomic research relating to the development of novel computational approaches and tools. Preference may be given to candidates with expertise in one or more of the following areas: Modeling and network analysis; Molecular pathways; Systems biology; Comparative genomics; Quantitative genetics / Genomics (QTL / eQTL). Knowledge and ability of applying bioinformatics programming languages to develop and/or improve computational analysis tools (i.e. algorithms, statistical analysis).

If you’re interested, I can cheerfully pass contact information along to the right people.

4 thoughts on “A few open bioinformatics positions.

    • Sorry for the slow reply – Yes, I am starting a new gig, and will be down in Oakland in the fall. I’ll write more on that soon. (-:

        • Yep – I had the opportunity to see Oakland before making the decision, and it was a pretty positive experience. The cost of living is pretty comparable to Vancouver, so at least that won’t be too much of a shock. Gotta say, though, it’s going to be hard to find a (rental) house in the neighbourhood we liked, so that will be a big challenge, particularly given the market for housing in the Bay Area. Yikes!

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