#AGBTPH – David A . Shaywitz, Building a Global Network for Transcriptional Discovery and Clinical Application

[Missed the title – Edit: Here it is!  Thanks to Dr. Shaywitz]

Two futures: do we have the will to harness all of the information we’ve collected to build a future that takes advantage of it.

Balanced between Centralized and Globally Distributed.

DNA nexus is clinical care: distributed patient care.  Centralized Data processing, deliver consistent results.

precisionFDA Appathon – https://precision.fda.gov/challenges/app-a-thon-in-a-box

[Edit – thanks to Dr. Shaywitz for the link!]

Ideal Glogal Network:  Capabilities.  Global reach, security, rich tool set, qualified collaboration, indexing.

Three examples.

Regeneron: Revolutionize how pharma is done. Driven by science instead of trends.

Data is not equal to impact.  Innovation is driven by people, by intention, impact. [A lot of rapid fire hypothetical examples, including nature vs. environment, tipping points, important to understand data.]

Roll at DNAnexus is to empower people to have the tools they need.

Singapore Data Federation: Government sponsors -> improved hospital care.  Improve care by understanding data by understanding populations.

ORIEN Cancer Research Network: Cancer centres brought together to others who want to consume data they have (access to patients).  Cancer centres benefit from collaboration and access to data they couldn’t afford, companies get access to patients they need to fuel research.  Beginning of Networked Future.

DNA nexus is in the centre of all of this.  Drive precision medicine by being the hub that connects all of it.


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