#AGBTPH – Mary Majumder, Prenatal testing

Baylor College of Medicine

Major worries: Conveying screening vs Diagnostic distinction.  (Do we convey that well to those who needs to know?)  Also, what to test for and report.  (How to support pregnant women and their partners.)

It’s hard to really communicate the difference between a diagnostic, vs a screen, when the screen is 99% accurate.

Personal toll on screens vs diagnostics can be significant.

When results come in, sometimes even the councillors have to do research online.  Definitive information can be hard to come by.

[This presentation is being told through comments from people who went through the process – entirely anecdotally based.  Hard to take notes on. Basically, support is lacking, and information is frequently unclear and difficult to communicate.]

Responses to challenges:  Professional societies are trying hard to improve on current state.  General predictive power calculator.  Still some distance to go.

[I’m way out of my depth – this talk is delving into social problems in the U.S. as much as the technology and the biology.  Much of this is related to terminating pregnancies, which caries social stigma here.  It’s interesting, but I can’t separate the salient points from the the asides.  The solutions to the problem mainly involve U.S. specific government structures.   I can follow, but I don’t feel that I can take notes for others that accurately reflect what’s being communicated.]



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