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So, this is something new – and imminently blog-able.  I’ve been given a challenge, which I take seriously.  After decades of working on back ends, it has been brought to my attention that my UI/UX design skills are, shall we say, lacking.

Thus, I am going to embark on brief journey to learn some design.  Now, I could do this by taking a course, and spend 24 weeks on it, but a brief reading of online or on-campus courses tells me that most of the time is spent learning such useful skills as using a text editor, and “HTML”.   And, for my purposes, it’s not that helpful to learn JQuery.  I mostly need to learn how to make a decent page that engages users – aka, just the design part of it.

Obviously, something that I”m not so good at.  No, I’m not going to show you screen shots.  I’ll admit they’re embarrassing… and if I get good at this, I’ll post a before and after picture.

So, the challenge.  5 days to learn how to make a passable web page, that encourages use. (And doesn’t look like industrial html from 1993.) . By the time everyone comes back from holidays, i want to have a much more engaging grasp of design, and how to execute that design.

Game on! 

If anyone has any recommendations… uh… yeah, they’re very welcome.

2 thoughts on “UX/UI design time

  1. So how will you start? And what’s your plan to improve your skills!? Did you already come up with something? Anything that was really helpful? Please get us updated :)

    • Don’t worry – I’m still on it. I’ve got a lot to say, but I’m going to wait till later this evening to start blogging. First couple of days of reading weren’t all that exciting, and today isn’t quite over yet.

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