Frustration with Nature Networks

About a month ago, I volunteered to be a Nature Nework Blogging guinea pig, testing out the site improvements, and giving my feed back.  After sending in comments on what worked (a couple of things) and what didn’t (most things), I thought I was doing my part to help make Nature Blogs into something worth using.  Turns out that my feedback wasn’t particularly helpful after all.

Yes, this is a whiney post.  I found out today, via that they’ve rolled out the changes to people – without fixing the things I told them didn’t work.  Why did I bother?  It’s not like I could have been using my time more efficiently to find cures for cancer…. oh wait, that’s exactly what I’d have been doing otherwise!  DOH.

Anyhow, here I am, no better off afterwards.  The interface for custom banners completely fails for me, there’s no “republish button”, and I still have none of the things I’ve been pining for:

  1. Custom banners that work (they don’t),
  2. anonymous comments (they never will),
  3. a tag cloud (bizarrely, I can see it, but the people who read my blog can’t) and
  4. stats on who reads my blog, and what they find interesting  (The only stats they provide are those on how often I write on my blog, which is more like a guilt trip then useful information.)

So, I think I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that Nature Blogs subscribes to the theory that you can’t always get what you want, but if I try real hard, they’ll promise me what I need.

In the name of encouraging myself to regain my passion for blogging, I’m just going to strike out on my own, again, for a while, and see what happens.

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