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In case anyone was wondering what traffic to my blog looks like during AGBT season, I think this image is relatively informative.   I don’t have the ones from the last couple year’s AGBT conferences, but it looks about the same.  Fortunately, my computer seems to be coping with the load – and my wife hasn’t emailed me to say that its fan is whining yet.. (Yes, every time you view my blog, you’re actually visiting my living room.)

Graph shows jan 19 – Feb 4, 2001.  Y-axis is page views.

5 thoughts on “AGBT – page views

  1. Dear Anthony,
    I am one of the points on your graph. Very happy and grateful one! Thank you very much for your blog and possibility to get all the AGBT info directly from your living room. :-)
    Best wishes,

    • I had fun taking the notes – and apparently my living room has been “the place to be” if you couldn’t make it to AGBT. (-;

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