Way off topic – using nature inspired technology

I saw this video via wimp.com this afternoon.   Normally, I just listen to this stuff as background noise, but it really captured my attention, and consequently I blew 15 minutes listening to the talk.

It’s described as follows on the TED website: “Michael Pawlyn takes cues from nature to make new, sustainable architectural environments.”  However, it’s also about closing the loop in design, reversing desertification and building a better planet.  If you’ve got 15 minutes, I suggest watching it.


3 thoughts on “Way off topic – using nature inspired technology

  1. i want to know the difference of concepts of biomimetics, nature-inspired technology and ecology-inspired technology. i will be much thankful if you can give me the answer by email.

    • Yeah, I think you’ve got the wrong person… and I don’t do personal homework requests, especially not via email.

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