If you’re wondering where I am this weekend…

I’m on vacation this week, although I’m not going to be far from the computer, I suspect… but I did manage to take advantage of some of the nice weather on Vancouver Island.We spent part of our afternoon combing the beach for washed up bits of blue and green sea glass.

At any rate, tomorrow we head off north to Tofino.  If you’re looking for me, try the beach… or the old growth forests.  Or, maybe sitting by the fireplace.  (-;

2 thoughts on “If you’re wondering where I am this weekend…

    • If you’re not from a coastal area, you might not recognize the phenomena of low tide – not much grows in the tidal zone… and if you parked a car there, you might find it missing when you got back to it!

      Beyond that, the picture was taken on Vancouver island, one of the worlds largest islands, which holds BC’s capital city (Victoria), but is across the Georgia straight from the city of Vancouver. Both were named after Captain George Vancouver. The picture was taken on Cordova Bay, a few kilometers north of Victoria.

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