Periodic table of visualization

I’m not actually impressed with this, but I’m spending a lot of time thinking about visualization these days and came across this on twitter, so I thought I’d toss this out there:

A Periodic table of Visualization

I’m kinda disappointed in the end result, but the concept is neat.  (And yes, the chemist in me is screaming about the wedging of their figure into a the periodic table: the blocks mean nothing in this table! A gross misuse of the format!) Anyhow, it’s an interesting place to start in your quest for better visualization.

2 thoughts on “Periodic table of visualization

  1. This is a running frustration with borrowing of the periodic table concept by graphical designers: almost none of them seem to understand what the “periodic” term means! So the canonical layout of the elements is used as a shape, but with no relationships encoded by the columns.

    One of the few exceptions I’ve seen was, in all places, Disney World — a periodic table of Disney characters was in a shop & each column captured characters with a relationship (the obvious example: one column was topped by Mickey, then Minnie and then other mouse characters; another had Donald, then Daisy and the other duck characters)

  2. Oh wow. A periodic table of Disney characters would have totally sent me into a rage of anti-anti-science destruction. Unless, that is, Disney is implying something about orbitals and ducks… I’d love to read that paper.

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