Graduate Students who Twitter about Science

I’m trying to collect a list of graduate students who twitter about science – please nominate anyone you know who fits this category.

If you’d like to follow everyone on the list in one shot, Check out this list:!/apfejes/science-graduate-students

TwitterId Blog Subject
@23becka Biology
@aanaqvi Biology and Bioinformatics
@aemonten Biology and Molecular Biology
@agvia Biology and Bioinformatics
@aindap Bioinformatics
@ajebsary Biochemistry
@alexaflu0r Molecular Drawing Board Chemistry
@anandvithu Polymers and Materials Science
@apfejes Bioinformatics and Next Generation Sequencing
@audyyy Bioinformatics
@bensaunders Biopsychology
@bgrassbluecrab southernfriedscience Biology
@Bioinf_Beccy Bioinformatics and Biology
@brycewdavis Analytical Chemistry
@Cephalover (*)
@cloudskinner Clouds, Satellites and Hydrological models
@conorbrien Evolution, Development, and Genomics Biology
@Daniella battlestar daniellica Media Violence and History
@davidmanly The Wonderful World of Animals Biology and Zoology
@dragonflywoman2 The Dragonfly Woman entomology
@dsquintana Neurobiology
@erikacule Blogging the PhD Biology
@fatgenius Biochemistry
@FLOSciences Biotechnology
@GradStudentity Bioinformatics
@ianstrutt The Boiling Point Chemistry
@icanhasscience I can has science? Chemistry
@JacquelynGill Paleoecology, Climate change and Biogeography
@jbyoder Denim and Tweed Evolutionary Biology
@jgold85 The Thoughtful Animal Psychology, Neuroscience, Behaviour
@joangabriel Biochemistry
@KatherineMejia Biology and Bioinformatics
@Katie_PhD Biochemistry
@katiesci Neuroscience
@kshameer Bioinformatics
@lads4life Molecular Biology and Functional Genomics
@LeighJKBoerner The Bunsen Boerner Chemistry
@lja_allen Chemistry
@lswenson Biology and HIV
@lunardecorazon Anthropology and Biology
@mmontaner Sociology
@MeinHermitage The Hermitage Engineer
@NerdyChristie Observations of a Nerd Marine Biology
@newreactions New Reactions Organic Chemistry
@oystersgarter Deep Sea News Marine Biology
@palaeobeth Physical Anthropology
@paleophile Paleoanthropology
@physilology C6-H12-O6 Physiology
@polarwander Geology
@pop_gen_JED Animal Genomics
@PsiWaveFunction (*) Skeptic Wonder Biology
@Rachelannmcg Medical Science
@rockstarscience Rocket Scientista Astronomy
@rothzilla Geography and Cartography
@SapphireSeaLion (*)
@seelix This View of Life Physical Anthropology
@SFriedScientist southernfriedscience Biology
@shaenasaurus Comparative Biology
@Synthesist88 (*) Chemistry
@TheAtavism The Atavism Physical anthropology
@thegr8caitbait Environmental Toxicology
@TheStudentT The Student T Nanotechnology
@UdPrfrNAgo Molecular Biology and Neuroscience
@wakebright You’d Prefer An Argonaute RNA Biology
@WhySharksMatter southernfriedscience Biology

* indicates Undergraduate.

67 thoughts on “Graduate Students who Twitter about Science

  1. I’ve graduated, but was tweeting while still enrolled. Does that count?

    In the meantime, Science grad student tweeters I know
    @Cephalover (a UG, actually)
    @PsiWaveFunction (another UG)

    • Awesome list! Thanks so much. Unfortunately, I’m only looking for current grad students…. although I might have to put together an honorable mention list for those who formerly tweeted while in grad studies. (-:

  2. I saw your tweet had been retweeted by Alejandro. Well, I’m not a grad student but I still *feel* like a grad student… grad school only ended ~2.5 years ago for me. I also used to be a postdoc up until ~0.5 years ago.

    In all seriousness though, if ever you’re interested in non-grad students, check me out. By far and large I tweet about science, particularly about enzymology and protein phosphorylation if ever I come across some good stuff. Sometimes you’ll find tweets about hockey mixed in there.

    Chris @chrisadieni

  3. Wow.. not bad for one hour. We have 20 twitterers, 2 of which are undergrads. I’m not surprised the list is heavily listing towards biology, but it would be nice to get a few from other fields as well.

  4. While still technically an undergrad, I’m currently finishing my honors thesis and grad-school bound soon. My research is in marine biology focusing on marine mammals. Follow me on Twitter — @SapphireSeaLion!

  5. I’m an undergraduate currently but I’m soon to be a grad student and I tweet about chemistry – @Synthesist88

    • You have to be twittering about science to be on the list (which you don’t seem to be), and I don’t think your boss would be eligible unless he/she is a grad student.

  6. Just joined twitter, but am a grad student, biochem/chem and definitely will be tweeting about science!

  7. I’m @seelix and I tweet about science… (why do I feel like I should be sharing my personal journey now?) I’m a physical anthropology student.

  8. I’m a grad student who tweets + blogs, however, I blog under a pseudonym (DM me for a link I guess?). Most of my tweets haven’t been science related (but have been meaning to get into it more as I get further into my program), BUT mostly about life grad school (same goes with the blog).

    I’m a first year environmental toxicology PhD student, and you can find me @thegr8caitbait

  9. Hi,

    I’m a first year graduate student in the chemistry program at UConn. I have a blog about science and organic chemistry ( I like to review new literature and also talk about random science in the news! My twitter is @newreactions

  10. A comment from Peter van Baarlen (Netherlands) mentioned that none of his 55 students are on Twitter. Of those that I know in my institute (nutrition, none are on Twitter for work/research. Now, if some are indeed on Twitter, we’re not following each other and so there is a disconnect. My feeling is most students here at least and perhaps in general are not using Twitter for professional contacts because their professional networks are small. They can and should change that of course for their own benefit.

    In the meantime, I have asked several graduate students here at Tufts if they use Twitter. I’ll update this space.


    • So far my quick poll here shows no one on Twitter but over half of the respondents are now seriously considering it as something to complement their research.

      • I’d started this list on another post, speculating about why there are so few grad students twittering… but then decided it was too speculative to really call any attention to it that part of the blog. My own guess is that most of them are using Facebook instead and are more interested in communicating about non-science topics. There’s a huge divide between using social media for your social life and using social media for your career.
        Hopefully, more grad students will make the leap, tho. It’s been very rewarding and eye opening for me and I’d recommend it to everyone who is willing to try.

        • Exactly. My PhD and post-doc times are long gone, and the experience gained since those days says not to under-estimate the value of your professional network.

  11. I have just created a new twitter account specifically to start tweeting about science and bioinformatics (@Bioinf_Beccy). I do a lot of work with ChIP-Seq data, often using Findpeaks among other peak finders, and I follow your blog with great interest!


    • Hi Rebecca, Thanks for the FP plug! I’ve added you to the list – good luck with your science twittering and research!

  12. I’m a gradstudent and I’m on twitter! Mostly molecular biology and functional genomics.


    Thanks for this blog post!

  13. Great list! I’m also a grad student (entomology), blogger (focus on entomology, particularly aquatic entomology), and twitter user. I tweet about insects, water issues, and other science that amazes me @dragonflywoman2.

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