Some open positions at Complete Genomics

In case anyone is looking for a bioinformatics position, Complete Genomics is currently looking to fill at least three positions:

Senior Computational Biologist, Assembly

Complete Genomics is seeking a senior Computational Biologist to develop methods and tools for its sequence assembly pipeline and genomics analysis toolset. The role will require conceiving of analysis approaches to solve key problems in a next-generation DNA sequencing pipeline, then designing, developing, testing, and deploying pragmatic solutions. The new hire will work on a pipeline that each day transforms trillions of sequenced bases into high quality human genome analyses.

Senior Software Engineer, Assembly

Senior Bioinformatician, Pipeline Validation

The assembly pipeline team is an amalgam of exceptional bioinformaticians and software engineers of diverse backgrounds, with an active and lively cross-pollination of ideas and approaches. The team is actively investigating improvements to aid in a wide variety of genomics research applications including cancer, Mendelian diseases, and large scale association studies.

They have also provided the following note:

We are especially interested in seeking out individuals who have had experience in one or more of the following:

  • Developing or modifying algorithms for the analysis of next-generation sequence read data (on the lines of GATK, Firehose, or similar)
  • Developing sets of relevant functional annotations to associate with DNA sequence variations, and analyses of annotated data for the detection of disease-associated variants in pedigrees, tumor-normal pairs, or unrelated genome sets.
  • Analyses of sequenced genomes against standard data (internal and external) to estimate errors, calibrate scores, identify signals of interest, etc…
  • We’re open to people who have spent time in academic or research settings.

If you’d like more information, the have more details at the complete genomics careers page.

Disclosure: I am not in any way affiliated with Complete Genomics – I just happen to think they’re a really interesting company and am always impressed with how accepting they are of social media.

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