Random OpenOffice 3.2 tip

Just in case I ever come across this problem again.

If OpenOffice 3.2 repeatedly crashes on dialog boxes for open/save/insert image/etc, the fix is to install a single package that seems to import the proper dialog box tool kit: openoffice.org-gtk

This is probably something that only happens to Kubuntu users, as openoffice.org-gtk doesn’t sound like a package you’d need on kde.

Anyhow, if you’re using kubuntu, the fix is as simple as:

sudo apt-get install openoffice.org-gtk

And instantaneously, everything works again.

3 thoughts on “Random OpenOffice 3.2 tip

    • That is quite cryptic..
      What I meant is that what you wanted to say proable is: “doesn’t sound like something you’d need on GNOME.”

  1. I just meant that it probably wasn’t included in the kubuntu distribution because the packagers probably looked at the name, saw the “gtk” designation, and figured it wasn’t needed for the kde distribution – despite the fact that apparently, it is. Hence, it doesn’t sound like something you’d need on kde.

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