Most enlightened blogging policy…

I really have to hand it to the Copenhagenomics foundation – they have an incredibly enlightened blogging policy, in three different directions.

  1. They encourage blogging and twittering – the best way to open communications and conversations in the science community and to give people who can’t attend an opportunity to participate in the discussion.
  2. They’ve invited a blogger to ensure that the science does become recorded.  It’s not enough to assume that having an open blogging policy will push the discussion out into the internet, you need to ensure it gets there. (In full disclosure mode, I’m the blogger they’ve invited, so I guess it’ll be my fault if the conference doesn’t get a lot of followers. doh!)
  3. They’ve prepared the speakers by ensuring they’re all familiar with the blogging/tweeting policy.  With an open default position, it’s up to the speakers to restrict where they don’t want the blogging to cover, rather than to open it up. This makes much more sense, as science should be an open endeavour rather than peeking out from closed doors.

I encourage anyone who’s interested in hosting a conference to follow the CPHx lead.  Here’s the post on their web page about their “sharing is caring” policy.

Oh, and by the way, if you’re reading my blog over the next few days and happen to catch the occasional “ø” instead of an apostrophe, it’s because I’ve gone native with a Danish keyboard, thanks to the great people at CLCbio.  My own laptop will be visiting the apple repair store next week, when I get back to Vancouver.

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