CPHx: Steve Glavas, Sponsored by Life Technologies

Sponsored talk: Introducing 5500 Series Genetic Analysis Systems
Steve Glavas, Sponsored by Life Technologies


Some features: Pay per lane sequencing, application per lane sequencing, optimized tools.

In one flow cell, you can use each lane independently.

Barcoding is supported.  Up to 1152 samples simultaneously.  Also have a library builder, runs in 2.5 hours, hands free.  Supports PGM.

Colourspace:  Only do it if you want to.   You can get out a fastq.  You get an .xsq file, one perlane.  you can then switch to FASTQ,  etc.

[Actually, I found this online –  you might want to look there instead of having me copy out a vendor’s notes.  link.]

Per lane…. can reuse flow cells with unused lanes.

Dollar figues given in Euros… 99 euros per sample.

Review of data generated by an example flow cell.

10kb mate pairs look good – same as microarrays.

Also strand specific kits available.

Take away message:  Flexible, accurate (99.99%), walk away sample prep, barcoding, your choice of data format.

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