A sunny post for a snowy day

Well, things are going better these days.  I now have a policy of not doing things that won’t move me forward on my own work – I haven’t helped out training a new staff member, I haven’t helped someone with a project proposal, and I skipped out on a proposal for a group project for the GSC’s retreat.  However, I finished a poster, wrote my yearly committee meeting report and successfully presented it to my committee.  (Yes, that means I’ll be writing up in January! Yay!).

I guess it’s true – saying No is one of the skills you learn when doing a PhD.

Beyond that, I’ve managed to generate a lot of good leads this week.  Several really good stories have come out of two different projects – and my committee sees the value in following up on it.   That’s a huge improvement on what my committee usually says to me. And all that while getting a significant boost to my productivity.

Did I learn anything this week?  Yeah, I’d say I did.  I learned a lot from another grad student, who helped my with my proposal – she gave me a really good template to follow.  Clearly I owe her a case of beer. (We have a bet going that the first one go graduate wins a case of beer from the other, but I think I owe her one anyhow.)

I also learned a lot about collecting data and presenting it.  I still have lots more to learn, but I’m getting there.  I have a few more months to master this – since my defence is likely to be coming up in the summer.

In any case, it’s time for focus.  The challenges coming at me will be harder than what I’ve faced before, but I’m up for it and looking forward to it…  and all this has put me in a good mood.  Let it snow, it won’t dent my good mood this evening.

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