Copenhagen/København – 1 day before Copenhagenomics

Copenhagenomics starts tomorrow, and I’m getting excited.  I can’t wait for it to get underway.  I’m finally over my jet-lag, and looking forward to some good science talks.

That said, I still spent today walking copenhagen until my feet hurt!  We managed to see the round observatory tower, Rosenberg castle, the Danish crown jewels, the residences of the Danish royal family, the Danish Aquarium and the Zoo.  How’s that for a full day?

Anyhow, like yesterday, I have some pictures to share with you, so if you can’t be here for the conference, at least you can feel like you’ve visited some of the city.

For the record, the Danes are pretty touchy when it comes to their jewellery – I managed to get scolded for touching the glass while taking pictures (after paying the 20kr for a photography permit, I might add), and my wife got a loud “HEY” from an armed guard for standing too close to his shelter.  An exciting day, all in all.


While my laptop is perhaps recovering from whatever it didn’t like about the flight (I got it to turn on, but the screen remains black), I’ve been helped by some fantastic people at CLC bio, who have lent me a spare linux laptop. (It actually says “Spare Linux” on it.)  They have been incredibly kind to me this week, and even took some time to give me a tour and tell me a bit about their work.  While I don’t plan to blog about that specifically, it’s clearly worth a mention.

In any case, I thought I’d put the laptop to use and post a few photos I took today, as well as a few from sunday.  (I put away my camera yesterday, so there are no pictures to share from the Århus trip – and yes, I was just looking for an excuse to slide an å into this post somewhere.)  The pictures are pretty amateur (apparently jet lag isn’t good for working out composition), but they give a flavour of the city.