Is Encode bunk?

Ok, I’m sick, so this is a very short post.  I just stumbled onto this article in the guardian.  Not being a Brit, I have no idea if it’s even a remotely reputable journal, or why this piece is so sensationalist.  So… scientists see evidence and are working to understand whether much of the genome serves a purpose and they disagree on the interpretation.  Neither side has conclusive evidence, but the Encode project certainly has evidence that makes it’s claims seem valid.

In contrast, a bunch of biologists seem to have jumped on it and insist that most of the DNA in the human genome is still “junk” and does nothing.

While I don’t support the side that seems to be calling “BS” on the Encode project, the character of the article seems unnecessarily vitriolic.  Does the UK have republicans?

Edit: Finally feeling well enough to get back on my computer and look for the source of this argument: Here.  And after reading a few pages…Wow! I can’t believe that was published as is.  The abstract alone sounds like someone got up on the wrong side of the bed, and then ate nettles for breakfast.