Interview with the Student Biotech Network

The Student Biotech Network is a really neat organization, and one that has played a big part in my career – both directly and indirectly.  One of the original three founders, Ali Tehrani, sat across the lab bench from me when I was doing my masters degree – and became my “partner-in-crime” during the founding of Zymeworks.  In fact, Zymeworks had some early ties to the SBN in terms of leadership, mentoring and contacts.  Furthermore, it was through my participation in the SBN that I was introduced to entrepreneurship – and that was really the first time I’d considered a non-academic path for my career.

In any case, when the SBN asked, I was very happy to do a quick interview with them via email and share a bit back with an organization that has had a really big influence on my career. If you’re interested in reading it, you can find it here.

If you’re looking for interviews with Ali, here are three that I am aware of (and they’re pretty good too!):  Capitalist Chicks (2007), Business in Vancouver (2008) and BioscienceWorld. You’ll notice that the SBN gets a few mentions there as well. (-;