>News Roundup – Nov 11-13, 2009

>Take two at an article Roundup. Doing this project doesn’t take a lot of work, but the tools I’m using for it are somewhat inconvenient, which makes it an interesting (challenging?) project. Categorization isn’t difficult, but I can see how it’ll be time consuming in the end. I think the only way to really do this is to use a micro-database with a small gui to do the work and generate the HTML at the end of the day…. but hey, I’m a programmer, so you’d think I could write one if I wanted. (And yes, I could try to use Go to do it…) Unfortunately, it’ll have to wait a few more days. (Yes, I have a committee meeting on tuesday, and I’m still blogging – what’s wrong with this picture?)

You’ll notice some overlap in the days covered, mainly because I’m posting midway through the day. I could even go a step further and automate this, but somehow, I think I should take it one step at a time.

What I really wonder is if I’m casting my net wide enough, as in “what fraction of the cool genomics/bioinformatics/personalized medicine articles am I actually reading?” At least, based on the theory that I’m subscribed to the best of the cool twitterers who do a lot of the pre-filtering for me, if you believe in community filtering, maybe this really is the best of the best. (-:

Well, without any more delay, here’s the best of the past 48 hours.



  • Cheap DIY Microfluidics using Shrinking Plastic – Link

Popular Health:

  • To immunize or not immunize – Link
  • Imagining Personalized Medicine – Link
  • Larry David finds out he’s not who he thinks he is – Video

Sequencing Technology:

  • Nanopores with single base resolution – Link


  • Amazon offers various forms of computing resource, enumerated here – Link


  • Opening up the courts to allow anyone to challenge a patent – Link

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