A better day.

In contrast to yesterday, today was pretty decent.  The weather cooperated, and we were able to get out and explore a bit. Of course, with the buses running as infrequently as they do, it took some planning, but we made it work.

Mostly, the cold weather has settled in, but for once, there wasn’t a cold 45 wind blowing – and by blowing, I mean a gale force wind off the Atlantic ocean.

In any case, it meant that we were able to get out and enjoy a few hour of walking downtown while the sun was out.  We found a bakery [Schweitzerbageriet] that makes great pastry and even better bread, managed to find my wife a pair of pants – although it seems like a danish women must be 6 feet tall, as it was a challenge to find a pair that weren’t 32×34.

In any case, our successful shopping also included a vacuum cleaner [On sale at Føtex], which we knew we’d need anyhow, as our old one wouldn’t work on Danish electricity.   Besides, we were getting tired of sweeping the whole house with the tiny dustpan and hand brush we bought a couple of days after arriving.

The picture below is the shopping street, Støget, I think, about 1:30pm, about 2 hours before the sun goes down.  However, in the winter, the sun is never all that far over the horizon to begin with, so you get a permanent twilight feel to everything.  But, without the wind, it was quite enjoyable at only -2C.


In any case, with the city starting to get dark by 4:00, the new years crowd was already getting a head start.  In Canada, new years eve is for partying and hanging out with friends – but in Denmark, it seems to be solely about blowing up firecrackers. I walked the dog at 3:30, and our neighbors had already produced a wonderfully thick haze of smoke from setting off a large artillery regiment’s worth of gunpowder.  As I write this at 5:30, the whole city is covered in a dense fog, and any invading army would be completely inconspicuous through the constant sound of fireworks.  Seriously, the invasion of Baghdad in the 1990’s looks about the same as this.

Anyhow, to top off our evening, I’ve replaced our traditional clam chowder with Salmon chowder – and made a recipe with the few seasonings we have in the house so far…

And, as I write, I’m being told that I should hurry up so we can eat it…. so off I go to eat.

Happy New Years, everyone.

[Edit: The salmon chowder turned out REALLY well, and the bread we’d picked up was pretty awesome…. mmmmm. Recipe available upon request.]

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