Snow expected on Wednesday

It’s a long running joke – it always snows on my birthday.  Usually its a freak dusting of snow, but there’s no clear rule – just that where ever I am, it will probably snow.

Ok, so it’s a bit of an exaggeration, but the trend is pretty strong.  In fact, several years, I’ve seen storms show up out of the blue just to dump a light dusting of snow on March 7th – and occasionally in unlikely places.  Vancouver has had snowfalls nearly every year I’ve been there, despite the fact that Vancouver generally doesn’t get much snow at all. Before that, Snow in Ontario or Manitoba wasn’t exactly a surprise in early March, but as I move to warmer climates, I expect snow to be harder to find in the spring.

Denmark doesn’t seem to really be a warmer climate, but, I was hardly expecting the trend to continue. Last week, the daytime high was up to 14C and it was even sunny for a few days, although a sudden shift on the weekend turned that around bringing a cold wind from the east with temperatures that should last until… yes, Wednesday.  Several weather forecasts are calling for snow, now, followed by warmer temperatures on Thursday.

I know when spring starts – it’s always the day after my birthday.(-;

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