Back in Canada

I told my aunt I’d post a bit more to my blog, when I got a chance… and I have a couple of spare minutes before running off again.

Anyhow, I’m back in Canada for my defense, which is coming up on Friday – I feel completely unprepared.  I have no idea if that’s justified or not, but it could go either way for me.  I’ll be reading a few more papers and tidying up my presentation before Friday, in addition to trying to rekindle a few connections to friends – the 9 hour time difference has been murder on friendships.

The worst part of this is that I’ve left my wife alone in Denmark, so if anyone has a spare minute, I’m sure she would appreciate a few words of support to help her through the next 5 days while she’s alone.  There’s nothing worse than being stuck at home and isolated, when all your friends are too far away.

The only real good news is that, once I get home, we’ll be moving to a new place – closer to the city.  I have some hopes that it will help us feel less isolated and a bit less restricted in our ability to get around.  I can’t wait, and I really hope it changes how we feel about the city we live in.  Moving from downtown Vancouver to a suburb of a small town was really a harsh shock – and hopefully this goes some way towards fixing that.

Little steps… hopefully they add up to big changes.

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