ridiculous email.

Sometimes it’s fun to write ridiculous emails:

Good morning 1st floor!

You may notice that *all* items in both of the fridges and the freezer have been marked with a yellow sticky piece of paper. This yellow mark symbolizes your refrigerated item’s impending doom.

If there is anything in the freezer that still has this mark on it by Thursday afternoon, it will be sacrificed to the gods of bioinformatics in the hopes of better results and faster processing times for the GSC. (The sacrifice may or may not involve diabolical rituals and a RIP talk.)

Fortunately for your refrigerated items, they may be spared simply by removing the yellow tag.

Unlike last year, I will not be lenient in sparing “fresh looking” items with the yellow tag… as I found some yellow tags from last year in the freezer. (anyone want a frozen dinner?)

With humour,


I have to admit, I’ve never threatened doom on slightly chilled and expired food items before.  Thursday afternoon should be rather entertaining, I would think.

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