Graduate Students who Twitter about Science

I’m trying to collect a list of graduate students who twitter about science – please nominate anyone you know who fits this category.

If you’d like to follow everyone on the list in one shot, Check out this list:!/apfejes/science-graduate-students

TwitterId Blog Subject
@23becka Biology
@aanaqvi Biology and Bioinformatics
@aemonten Biology and Molecular Biology
@agvia Biology and Bioinformatics
@aindap Bioinformatics
@ajebsary Biochemistry
@alexaflu0r Molecular Drawing Board Chemistry
@anandvithu Polymers and Materials Science
@apfejes Bioinformatics and Next Generation Sequencing
@audyyy Bioinformatics
@bensaunders Biopsychology
@bgrassbluecrab southernfriedscience Biology
@Bioinf_Beccy Bioinformatics and Biology
@brycewdavis Analytical Chemistry
@Cephalover (*)
@cloudskinner Clouds, Satellites and Hydrological models
@conorbrien Evolution, Development, and Genomics Biology
@Daniella battlestar daniellica Media Violence and History
@davidmanly The Wonderful World of Animals Biology and Zoology
@dragonflywoman2 The Dragonfly Woman entomology
@dsquintana Neurobiology
@erikacule Blogging the PhD Biology
@fatgenius Biochemistry
@FLOSciences Biotechnology
@GradStudentity Bioinformatics
@ianstrutt The Boiling Point Chemistry
@icanhasscience I can has science? Chemistry
@JacquelynGill Paleoecology, Climate change and Biogeography
@jbyoder Denim and Tweed Evolutionary Biology
@jgold85 The Thoughtful Animal Psychology, Neuroscience, Behaviour
@joangabriel Biochemistry
@KatherineMejia Biology and Bioinformatics
@Katie_PhD Biochemistry
@katiesci Neuroscience
@kshameer Bioinformatics
@lads4life Molecular Biology and Functional Genomics
@LeighJKBoerner The Bunsen Boerner Chemistry
@lja_allen Chemistry
@lswenson Biology and HIV
@lunardecorazon Anthropology and Biology
@mmontaner Sociology
@MeinHermitage The Hermitage Engineer
@NerdyChristie Observations of a Nerd Marine Biology
@newreactions New Reactions Organic Chemistry
@oystersgarter Deep Sea News Marine Biology
@palaeobeth Physical Anthropology
@paleophile Paleoanthropology
@physilology C6-H12-O6 Physiology
@polarwander Geology
@pop_gen_JED Animal Genomics
@PsiWaveFunction (*) Skeptic Wonder Biology
@Rachelannmcg Medical Science
@rockstarscience Rocket Scientista Astronomy
@rothzilla Geography and Cartography
@SapphireSeaLion (*)
@seelix This View of Life Physical Anthropology
@SFriedScientist southernfriedscience Biology
@shaenasaurus Comparative Biology
@Synthesist88 (*) Chemistry
@TheAtavism The Atavism Physical anthropology
@thegr8caitbait Environmental Toxicology
@TheStudentT The Student T Nanotechnology
@UdPrfrNAgo Molecular Biology and Neuroscience
@wakebright You’d Prefer An Argonaute RNA Biology
@WhySharksMatter southernfriedscience Biology

* indicates Undergraduate.